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  • 13/14 June 2013 - Bungendore & Palerang District All Breeds Club

           Cinereus Polar Ice (Imp Fin) was awarded BOB, BEST IN SHOW & INTERMEDIATE        IN SHOWRymiska Howzat was awarded PUPPY IN GROUP and Rymiska Sweet Like        Candy took BCC.


  • 13/14 June 2013 - Sutherland Shire All Breeds Club

            CH Rymiska Dirty Harry was awarded two BOB's, BEST IN GROUP INTERMEDIATE       IN GROUP. Well Done Rachel Millner!!! CH Sandstock Buffy was also awarded BCC.

  • 21/22/23 June 2013 - Coonabarabran Kennel Club


           Rymiska Marty McFly was awarded three BOB's, RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP &       Junior in Group!! Well Done Allana Smith :) 


  • 21st June 2013 - Norwest Canine Association


       Rymiska Dirty Harry was awarded BOB & INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP. Well Done       Rachel Millner :) 


  • 21st June 2013 - Norwest Canine Association

           CH Rymiska Dirty Harry was awarded BOB and Rymiska Bell Of The        Ball was awarded BCC. 


  • 15th June 2013 - Dogs NSW Public Relations Committee

            Cinereus Polar Ice (Imp Fin) was awarded BOB & INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP        and Rymiska Howzat also won PUPPY IN GROUP

  • 2nd June 2013 - Non-Sporting Dog Club Of NSW - Open Show


       Cinereus Polar Ice (Imp Fin) was awarded BEST IN SHOW & Intermediate in           Show. Rymiska Howzat also won PUPPY IN SHOW. Starting to ran unfortunately in       the Best In Show line up. 


  • 2nd June 2013 - Non-Sporting Dog Club Of NSW - Championship Show
           Cinereus Polar Ice (Imp Fin) was awarded DCC, RUBOB & INTERMEDIATE IN                 SHOW under breed specialist Ms J Pearson (VIC). Ice now has enough points to obtain       his championship!!


  • 1st June 2013 - St George District Kennel Club

            CH Rymiska Dirty Harry was awarded BOB. Well Done Rachel Millner! 


  • 24/25/26th May 2013 - Manilla & District Kennel Club

           Rymiska Marty McFly was awarded three BOB's & a Junior in Group!


  • 25/26th May 2013 - Cowra & District Kennel Club
            Rymiska Bell Of The Ball was awarded three BCC which has now made her an       Australia Champion!! 


  • 26th May 2013 - Ku-ring-gai Kennel Club

            Cinereus Polar Ice (Imp Fin) takes out BOB & Intermediate In Group under breed         specialist Mr W Lewis. Rymiska Howzat was also awarded RDCC & RUBOB                      whilst Rymiska Sweet Like Candy awarded BCC. 


  • 19th May 2013 - Ladies Kennel Association of NSW

           Cinereus Polar Ice (Imp Fin) takes out BOB & RUNNER UP IN GROUP under                 breed specialist Mr B Santas (Calivale Keeshonds) and followed through to win                 Intermediate in Show. Rymiska Sweet Like Candy was also awarded BCC &                     RUBOB. 



  •  18th May 2013 - Hills District Kennel Club


              Cinereus Polar Ice (Imp Fin) takes out BOB & Rymiska Diamond Jubilee was also        awarded BCC & RUBOB. 


  • 1st May 2013 - Gilgandra Show Society


         Rymiska Marty McFly takes BOB, BEST IN GROUP and Junior in Group!! Well done           Allana & Marty :) 


  • 28th April 2013 - Bulli District KC Champ Show
Sandstock Fair Dinkum (Flash's Brother) takes out BOB, Rymiska Kickin It Up A Knotch takes out RUBOB & Junior in Group and Rymiska Bell Of The Ball takes out BCC. Geat work Keith Martin!

  • 27th April 2013                                                                                                                     

BIG CH Rymiska Dirty Harry (Hamish) takes out BOB & Intermediate in Group at Wellington Show with Rachel Millner                                                               

         Rymiska Marty Mcfly take RUBOB at Gunnedah & District with Allana Smith              

         Cinereus Polar Ice(IMP FIN) take BOB at Fairfield & District.

      Well done everyone!!


  • 31st March 2013 - Sydney Royal Results under Mr R Podesta-Chile:

    RUBIS CH Rymiska Grand Duke takes out RDCC & RUBOB

Rymiska Howzat took out Puppy of Breed

Rymiska Sweet Like Candy took BCC at just 9 months of age

RUBISS CH Rymiska Diamond Jubilee took 1st in puppy class

Rymiska Kickin It Up A Knotch took 1st in junior class 

BIG Ch Rymiska Dirty Harry took 2nd Intermediate dog to Duke

RUBISS Ch Sandstock Buffy 1st Aust. breed class 

BISS/RUBISS/RUBIS Ch Sandstock Flash Lightning was 2nd Open Dog


  • 30th March 2013 - Keeshond Club of Nsw Championship Show Results with an entry of 47 under international judge Mrs G Garcia Gutierrez(Mexico):

    Cinereus Polar Ice (IMP FIN) was awarded....... BEST IN SHOW and Open in Show

    Rymiska Bell Of The Ball was awarded BCC and Best Opposite Puppy in Show

    RUBISS Ch Rymiska Diamond Jubilee took RBCC and Junior In Show

    Rymiska Howzat took Champion Puppy and Puppy In Show

    Rymiska Kickin It Up A Knotch took Best Opposite Junior in Show

    Ch Rymiska Kizashi took Opposite Intermediate in show

    Sandstock Fair Dinkum took Intermediate in Show

    RUBISS Ch Sandstock Buffy took Opposite Open In Show
  • 30th March 2013 - Keeshond Club Of NSW Open Show results under judge Mr E Hardwicke-NSW:
Ch Rymiska Diamond Jubilee ( Lizzy) awarded RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW and Junior in Show

Rymiska Howzat (Zac) took Puppy In Show

Rymiska Bell of The Ball won Opposite Puppy in Show

Rymiska Kickin It Up A Knotch won Opposite Junior in Show

  • 2nd March 2013 - 

    Robertson Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc under judge Mrs M McMahon-NSW:  Cinereus Polar Ice(Imp Finland) makes his Australian Debut with a BEST IN GROUP & Junior in Group. BISS/RUBIS/RUBISS CH Sandstock Flash Lightning was awarded a class in group and BIG CH Rymiska Dirty Harry (co-owned with Rachel Millner) won RUBOB.

  • 22nd Febuary 2013 - Cessnock & District Agricultural Society Inc under judge Mrs V Zavattaro - NSW:   RUBISS Aust Ch Rymiska Grand Duke was awarded RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP & Junior in Group whilst Rymiska Sweet Like Candy was awarded BCC & Minor in Group

  • 26th January 2013 - Dogs NSW Library & Archives Committee under judges Mrs O Black - NSW & Mrs R Robertson: CH Rymiska Diamond Jubilee was awarded BCC & PUPPY IN SHOW 



  • 5th & 6th January 2013 - Wollondilly All Breeds Kennel Club Inc under judge Mrs J Montford-NSW Manly & District Kennel & Dog Training Club Inc under judge Mrs B Skilton-NSW:


  Rymiska The Director's Cut was awarded 2 X RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP & 2 X Intermediate in Groups.



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