Our Story Begins...

Whilst doing the rounds to purchase some items concerned with home renovations, Ray literally stumbled over an on-the-lesh Keeshond as he was leaving a hardware store. Helped back onto his feet by the animals owner, Ray took a closer look at the four legged culprit. From that moment on, it became a case of love at first sight.

Within a few weeks Ray had contacted the late Mrs Beryl Douglas (Colijn Kennels), one of Australia’s highly respected Keeshond enthusiasts, and ordered his first male Keeshond. When ‘Rommel’ arrived, Ray purchased a second puppy named ‘Rennee’ as a gift for his sister, who lived in Cairns, North Queensland. Unfortunately due to North Queensland’s abundant tick population which caused constant infestations and subsequent irritation by myriads of these unpleasant insect pests, Rennee’s life in Cairns was absolute misery. So much so, that Ray brought him back to Sydney as company for Rommel. Sadly Rommel died a few year later from respiratory paralysis, the result of a tick bite and Rennee left us due to the persisting dermatitis.

Ray and Marilyn met only a relatively short time after Rennee’s demise. After giving time for the wounds to heal, the Keeshond fascination resurfaced. Ray contacted Mrs Douglas and purchased another Keeshond puppy. However, disaster struck once more - their choice died mysteriously at 10 weeks of age, just 2 weeks prior to the arranged collection date. Easing Ray and Marilyn’s disappointment, Mrs Douglas offered to part with an older kennel mate, Ryfrost Pan Jack (Jacko), on the condition that they were to exhibit him as he was winning the Point Score competition.

RUBISS Aust CH Ryfrost Pan Jack (Jacko) 

 Not long after the Parkers tied the nuptial knot and set out, as promised, to dog shows one weekend per month with Jacko. Marilyn always performed the pre-show preparation, whilst Mrs Douglas did the showing. At one particular show, Mrs Douglas was very successful with several of her exhibits winning their classes and needing a helping hand in the Winners line up. This state of affairs forced Marilyn into having to show Jacko herself in the Winners line-up. Trembling nervously throughout the entire period of judging, she nevertheless came up as Reserve Winners dog, beaten only by Mrs Douglas.  

Full of morale and confidence, the Parkers decided to attend their first show at Coonamble, a small country town in far western N.S.W, and whilst they were there to visit Ray’s sister . The combination of Marilyn and Jacko won first in class, Reserve Winners dog, Best Junior in Group and Best Junior in Show. Thrilled and excited the Parkers showing enthusiasm increased dramatically. To celebrate their first anniversary, Ray bought Marilyn another Keeshond named Colijn Van Johdie (Jai). With both Jacko and Jai proving quiet successful in the show ring, they both attained their Australian Championship titles.


RUBISS Aust CH Colijn Van Johdie (Jai) 

In 1978, the Parkers obtained their first female Keeshond, Colijn Miss Miska (Miska). Initially, Miska’s successes were confined to ‘in-class’ wins. However, like a bolt out of the blue, the flood gates opened with Best in Show wins at 2 successive Keeshond Breed Specialties. She also attained her Australian Championship title.


MBISS Aust CH Colijn Miss Miska (Miska)


Soon there after the Parkers were approached by Eddie and Robyn Ryan from the Ryfrost Kennels, to have a look at their litter that had recently been whelped. Most impressed, the Parkers purchased a beautiful puppy dog named Ryfrost Silver Knight (Rommel II). Rommel II’s show record is nothing less than remarkable, including many in-group and in-show awards, even winning the Dog challenge at Sydney Royal in 1982. Not surprisingly Rommell II also attained his Australian Championship title.


RUBISS Aust CH Ryforst Silver Knight (Rommell II) 

The Parkers then decided that they wanted to delve into Keeshond breeding. Using the “Ry” from Ryfrost, the prefix of their first show dog and ‘Miska’ from the name of their first female Keeshond, Rymiska Keeshonds was officially formed and registered with the Royal NSW Canine Council. In 1981, the Parkers organised their first mating between Aust Ch. Colijn Miss Miska and Aust Ch. Duroya Homeguard - Imp Uk. The parkers were blessed with six bundles of joy, two of which they kept, a female, Rymiska Kristy Lee (Kristy) and a dog, Rymiska Kzam (Kzam).

Kristy’s show career can be described as undistinguished. However Kzam’s on the other hand was quiet sensational. His first Sydney Royal Easter Show appearance in 1982 saw him win Reserve Dog Challenge from the puppy class. He repeated this performance later that year at Adelaide Royal Show and at Melbourne Royal Show he took home the Dog Challenge. One of Kzam’s biggest achievements is winning Best Exhibit in Group at Sydney Royal in 1984 and at the same show his son, Rymiska Zanadu won Best Puppy in Show.


MBIS/MBISS Aust Ch Rymiska Kzam (Kzam) 

Miska’s second litter, sired by Aust Ch Ryfrost Pan Jack, was born on May 24th, 1982. Again blessed with another six bundles of joy, only one female named Rymiska Little Gem (Gemma) was retained. Astonishingly Gemma gained her Australian Championship title at 9 months of age, her wins included two Best in Group awards to attain this title. In 1983 she captured Best in Show at the NSW Keeshond Club Breed Specialty from an entry of 86 exhibits. Then at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, she was awarded Best of Breed and later Best Puppy in Show. Thus making the Parkers the only people to have won a Perpetual Trophy at Sydney Royal—Puppy In Show.


BISS Aust CH Rymiska Little Gem (Gemma) 

In 1981 the Parker’s imported a dog from the UK, Hanovarian Silver Moonlight - Imp Uk (Joey). Marilyn always said that his worth will be in his grandchildren and he certainty proved her right. In 1988, the Parkers were blessed with me, a baby girl named Tracey Amanda, and the dogs now became second place. When I was a bit older, the Parkers re-entered the show ring with a dog named Deldacmeer Ricardo (Ricky), a grandson of Joey. Ricky’s show career was exceptional, he held the breed record for having won 10 Keeshond Specialty Best in Show wins for many many years. Other achievements also include numerous Best in Show wins at All breeds shows and the Keeshond Club of N.S.W Pointscore winner.



RUBISS Aust CH Hanovarian Silver Moonlight (Imp Uk)


As time continued, Ray and Marilyn became heavily involved in club affairs & active in canine administration. Many of Ray’s weekends has consisted of doing maintenance work at Castle Hill Showground, a place I call dad’s pride and joy. Also many hours of Marilyn’s have gone in to preparing and running N.S.W. top show’s, such as Dogs NSW Spring Fair. Currently between them, they serve on the following:

· Dogs NSW Board of Directors

· ANKC Show Conformation Committee Chairperson

· Dogs NSW Spring Fair Committee

· Dogs NSW Show Committee Chairperson 

· Dogs NSW Complex Fundraising Committee

· Dogs NSW Library’s & Archives Committee

· Dogs NSW Grounds Committee

· Keeshond Club of N.S.W

· Non Sporting Dog Club

· Norwest Canine Association Inc

· Castle Hill Showground 355 Management Committee

· Castle Hill Agricultural Society Inc

· NSW Women's Dog Club– Show Secretary


RUBISS Aust CH Sandstock Buffy (Buffy) 

Currently Rymiska Keeshonds have re-entered the show ring in late 2009 once more after over a 7 year break, with Tracey doing most of the showing, breeding, preparation and handling. In the last few years Tracey has managed to reach the level of accomplishment that her parents have always contributed to this lovely breed, with her first handled All Breeds Best In Show & Keeshond Specialty Best In Show win in 2011, Sydney Royal BOB, Spring Fair BOB's and Classes in Show, Numerous Championship awards along the way. Tracey has begun her traineeship to become a dog judge for the Non-Sporting Group with future ambitions of judging the Keeshond around the world. Tracey look's forward to continuing our selective breeding program, exhibiting and loving the wonderful Keeshond during the future.


BISS Cinereus Polar Ice (IMP Finland) 

All in all, by sheer accident, Rymiska Keeshonds got started, and haven't we had a wonderful time thus far. For a small kennel, located on 5 picturesque acres in Kenthurst, our breeding and show record speaks for it’s self. Rymiska Keeshonds would like to thank Dennis Montford and Peter Warby for telling us not to let Kzam go as we would need him ourselves, Phillip Warbuton whose inspiration in handling was a Godsend, Eddie and Robin Ryan from Ryfrost Keeshonds (our partners for many years) for pointing us in the right direction and Mrs Beryl Douglas for getting us started and giving us the drive and determination to succeed.



Re-constructed by Tracey Parker with reference to Dr Harry Spira’s article ‘The Ray & Marilyn Parker Story’ publish in the ANKC National 1983

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